Sunday, January 9, 2011

Remote Potato for iOS now available

Looking for a way to remotely access your Windows 7 Media Center Library (Music, Pictures, Videos and Recorded TV) from your iPhone/iPod/iPad? Look no further than Remote Potato for iOS, just released to the Apple Store (

A number of applications have been available in the past which allowed limited remote access to Media Center libraries on iDevices, usually through some sort of web-based application, but Remote Potato for iOS is the first installable application to allow streaming of Recorded TV in Media Center's native WTV format.

Remote Potato for iOS provides the following functionality;
  • Stream Recorded TV (DVR-MS and WTV format) to your iDevice
  • Browse the TV Guide and schedule recordings
  • View the pictures library, download and email pictures 
  • Browse the Music library, listen to music live or sync music for offline access
Remote Potato for iOS requires a server component installed on your Media Center machine, and the client component on your iDevice from the Apple Store. The server component can be downloaded here:


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