Thursday, January 20, 2011

Build your own oil-submerged PC

Is your PC constantly overheating? Tired of noisy fans, heatpipes and pumps for water cooling? There's an easy solution - find an old fishtank, submerge your PC components in mineral oil, chuck in a few fish and you're cooking!

No seriously, although not Microsoft-related (unless your PC runs Windows), I found this idea of submerging the contents of your air-cooled PC case in mineral oil pretty cool. The guys in this video have submerged the PSU, motherboard and all components except for the hard drive to evenly distribute emitted heat and eliminate localized hot-zones, and they think it looks pretty cool. The whole solution is dead silent, except for the pump they use to add air for effect - maybe a solution for your HTPC?

Ummm......maybe not.

Check out the video:

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