Sunday, January 16, 2011

Media Browser 2.3.0 (Draco) finally released

After a number of slipped release dates (and the most extensive testing of any release), Media Browser 2.3.0 went RTM on the 14th - this is a significant release which addresses a number of performance issues, most notably issues centred around updating the library which caused quite a pain for users with large media collections. The library update process has now been moved to a service (no more high CPU utilization for the ehexthost process!).

Some highlights for this release:
  • Fixes for broken podcast handling
  • A number of fixes to the default theme
  • Prep work for Custom Intros prior to movies playing
  • Better Media Info Icons and fixes
  • Startup is significantly faster, no more artificial lag when playing HD content
  • Enhanced multi-version plugins support

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